Programmatic Buying

Programmatic Advertising

Many misconstrue Programmatic Advertising as purely a means of Sharp Targeting through a powerful RTB system; just another line item on the Media Plan.

At Adsolute Digital, we do Programmatic Advertising right.

The real strength of these Advanced Technology Integrations is this: Media Consolidation.

Work with us to gain the far reaching cost efficiencies of Programmatic Media Buying!

Our Data-Driven Approach

At the heart of Programmatic Advertising is Data.

We take our Data-Driven Marketing Strategy very seriously here at Adsolute Digital. We have a fire-tested 5-step approach towards strategizing Programmatic Advertising that starts with Campaign Positioning and ends with Effective Attribution Modelling.

As with any other technology services that we provide out clients, the following are a few call-outs:

  • We constantly test the latest platform capabilities — including new advancements in smart-bidding tactics that create efficiencies and leverage AI to maximize performance.
  • We work in lockstep with the Creative team to A/B test and push the boundaries on design to translate great creative into performance.
  • We ensure that complete tracking and measurement fuels the evolution of our paid media marketing strategies. We work closely with clients to implement attribution models that credit the right touchpoints of a customer journey.

High-Touch Management, Full-Funnel Nurture

The purchase funnel is no longer a linear journey. To rise above the competition and get the attention of today’s consumers, you’ll need highly tailored and targeted campaigns that are built with your organization’s goals in mind.